Residential and Office Cleaning in Fairfax, VA and Nearby Areas

We are a reliable residential and commercial cleaning company whose quality service is well known and appreciated by our dedicated customers. We offer the following services to our customers; commercial and residential cleaning services as well as house cleaning and maid services in residential homes.

Residential House Cleaning and Maid Service

We offer general cleaning services but we are flexible in that we can customize the list to meet the customer's specific needs. In our house cleaning package, we ensure that we remove all cobwebs, cleaning and dusting the furniture, emptying trash and washing toilets and showers. 

Commercial Cleaning and Construction Clean Up Service

We have janitorial cleaning in our cleaning packages for our commercial customers. We also offer construction clean up services to help contractors to get tenants in quicker. We are able to remove all construction debris inside and clean up windows, walls and the floors.

In commercial offices we ensure that the floors and rugs are well cleaned, garbage containers are sanitized after emptying the trash, metal faucets and handles are polished and toilets are well cleaned. If the residence has windows and glass we dust and clean all fingerprints that may be on them.